Ken Buono covers the Van Morrison classic "Into The Mystic"; a forthcoming release and his debut single-November 17th, 2023

Ken Buono


   Here's a question: what does Nashville, Tn and Philadelphia, Pa have in common? Couldn't be the food they're each known for?! Just like, in the south, they rub spices on their chicken to help 'bring-on-the-heat' (guess it's just not hot enough weather wise in Middle-Tn?!). While up north, in and 'round Phillytown, they seem to  put cheese on nearly everything...".chicken cheese steak anyone?"). For Ken Buono (pronounced Boo-No), it's home away from home. That is, the Philly transplant made his way to Music City (along with his wife Anne Marie and their Black Lab Stax) back in December 2010. 

  Before the move, Buono cut his teeth in the Philly indie music scene as a founding member/drummer for Flight of Mavis & Buzz Zeemer (who have a 2023 release out on MSM Records. The LP/CD is comprised of previously unreleased recordings by the band from 1993-97 entitled 'Lost & Found'. Since it's release this past September, internet-based radio station Radio Free Americana reported 'Lost & Found' had  the most spins each given week for 3-weeks straight, beating out the likes of Jason Isbell, Logan Ledger, Son Volt, Charley Crockett to name a few! It has also hit the traditional airwaves, thanks to University of Pennsylvania public radio station 88.5 fm WXPN who have put into regular rotation "Shelly Don't Mind"). Between Buzz & Mavis, some great gigs were offered up as opening act in suppor for such artists as: BoDeans, Del Amitri, Goo Goo Dolls, Joe Strummer, NRBQ, Sinead O'Connor, Roger McGuinn, Squeeze, Spin Doctors, The Reivers, and many more!  Buono was enlisted to play drums for some other Philly-based bands as well, including The Trolleyvox and Grand).

  Buono brought with him to Music City his multi-instrumental talents, but more importantly, his passion for songwriting. "The talent in Nashville is massive! It's filled with top-rate musicians and singers, Even though I play a few different instruments, I wasn't about to try and sell myself as some kind of utility player or some hot-shot studio player. Writing songs, breaking into the co-writing scene here is what I was really striving for". Buono continues, "The Beatles is where it all starts for me. Their vocals, harmonies, ... their songs!". It just blows my mind to think of all the talent they timeless the music they were making turned out to be! Something to definitely aspire to as a songwriter/musician".

  Speaking on the subject of time, Buono took his when first arrived into town, trying to navigate his way through the Nashville writers night networking scene. "I certainly felt like it was a welcoming songwriter community here. There was also a learning experience that came with that though,  finding out that some established writers won't even talk to someone who hasn't been in town for at least a year". 

   When the pandemic hit, it gave Buono time to reflect on the last 9-years of knocking around town trying to crack the code to Music Row. "The whole idea of getting a break through co-write cut just seemed like playing the powerball lottery". He decided it was time to put his hands back firmly on the wheel of his career.

                                                                                                         The Tell Alls

   Feeding Frenzy (2006-JR): Playing all instruments and co-producing with Adam 'Red' Lasus, Buono released this 11-track full length debut CD, showcasing the power pop/americana songs that he wrote. Wanting the project to come off as a "band", he decided to release it under the moniker The Tell Alls (on his own start-up label Journeyman Records. All Music Guide 3-star review: 

   Bright Lights of Christmas (2008-JR): The Tell Alls  EP , consisting of 3-original holiday songs. Once again, Buono co-producing along with George Manney. 

   Fast forward to 2020, now firmly rooted in Nashville, Buono resurrected The Tell Alls with the release of single "Won't Come Down"...his first music release in over  a decade! "It felt good to get music out into the world again, and over and above that, was a great therapy to be able to express, in song, my personal frustrations on how the whole pandemic was being handled here in the US". 

   2021-22 brought follow up singles:  "Pace The Pesos": a more playful tune (co-written w/ Elizabeth Drake), but with a serious message on surviving in the new modern age, along with "Modern Day Mother Teresa": a song he wrote honoring those in the medical field who worked bravely through the pandemic. Targeting nurses in particular (hence the song's title).

                                                                                              New Christmas Originals

   The Tell Alls are back with more original holiday music! 2022's "It's Christmas Time" (reviews and video link at bottom of this page) features guest musician Jim Hoke, who shines as he masterfully compliments Buono's strumming acoustic guitar-organ-glockenspiel arrangement by contributing ukulele, accordion, toy piano, bass, sleigh bells, wood block percussion. Two other Christmas originals were posted on The Tell Alls website in that year; "Christina-Christmas baby" & "Magic of Christmas". Now, just in time for the 2023 holiday season, they both will be available on ALL STEAMING PLATFORMS this coming November 17th & 24th respectively! 

                                                                                                            Ken Buono

   November 17th, 2023 also brings on a whole new venture for Buono, as he steps out as a solo artist with the digital release of his debut single "Into The Mystic". Catch a preview of his jazzy/folk semi-cosmic take on this  Van Morrison classic here, and on his bandcamp page (NOTE: this cover song will also appear on a pending full length acoustic-based release under his name, coming out early 2024.

single - "Pace the Pesos" - 2021

                          single - "Modern Day Mother Teresa-2022

   "...sentimental genuineness in the elegant melody...captures your heart and soul from the first chord'. -Nicole Mendes; 'The Other Side Reviews' (Germany) 

     ",,,.goes straight to the heart!" -Walter Bueno; 'Escuta Esse Som' (Brazil) 

     "....instantly seductive riff...endowed with simplicity with a great instrumental groove." 'Roadie Music Mag' 

   "...gets the message across simply and sure footedly with vocals that feel personal ...a sincerity and  beauty to the way that they're that could soundtrack floating down a river on a summer day." Luke James/CLUNK Magazine

   "...catchy chorus...catchy rhythm...soothing slide guitar...simple lyrics... engaging music". Sinusoidal Music 


     "...mixes country and Americana, along with vocals that turn to folk".-'Os Garotos De Liverpool' (Brazil) 


  "...folk rock with a vibe from the 60's and The Beatles and Soul Asylum, something that is nostalgic and at the same time modern, with a current feel." Victor Matheus/Indieoclock

                                         "It's Christmas Time" - video

"It's Christmas Time" - reviews

“…string driven folk tune has an endearing core to it, the kind of unavoidable sincerity and purity in emotion that’s bound to leave you smiling…it's ability to envoke nostalgia is unmatched”-Find No Enemy (music blog)


“…its lyrics bejeweled with Christmas imageries and nostalgia, the track is a total feel-good fest”.-Good Music Radar (music blog)


“…full of sentiments and a unique energy.…with a voice that gives life to each word”.-indieoclock (music blog)


“,,,thematic yet timeless…”-Os Garotos de Liverpool (music blog)

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